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Globally or Locally, That is the Question SC300: BIG IDEAS IN SCIENCE: FROM METHODS TO MUTATIONS Kaplan University, Online Globally or Locally? That is the question we need to ask ourselves today. Which route would benefit us the most, how and why? I have taken a typical lunch and a typical dinner for myself and researched how it gets to my table. I typically do my groceries at Publix Supermarket or at a Super Wal-Mart. For a typical lunch I enjoy eating a chicken salad sandwich. The chicken I used for this sandwich was purchased at Publix. It is from Pilgrim’s Pride in Texas, but they have a chicken farm locally here in Live Oak, FL, where the chickens are farmed and raised, allowing Publix to put on the label the chicken is locally raised. The bread I use is Martin’s Potato Bread, which comes from Chambersburg, PA. It is a family old recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. In the 1950’s they began making it at home and selling them to their friends and neighbors, obviously with time they expanded and it still remains a family ran business. My next meal was dinner. For dinner I enjoy eating some Jasmine Rice,…show more content…
The only benefits I see regarding a global market is the trade off with the different countries we import the goods from. It is kind of like “I scratch your back and you scratch mine.” I believe we should be investing for ourselves, not for others. We need to cut some of those ties and become more independent. The quality of the products would improve because it would not need as much preservatives for traveling to its destination. On a negative aspect, supporting the global market has been a major cause of hunger and environmental destruction. And it just keeps getting more expensive to import, therefore raising the prices on the goods. So, instead of helping us economize, it is actually burning holes through our

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