Sc300 Unit 6 Essay

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Unit 6 Assignment Kaplan University SC300: Big Ideas in Science We live in a world and especially a country where we are used to getting anything we want at anytime. This includes our food, we plan a meal not thinking about what time of year it is or what is in season, then we go to the supermarket and expect them to have every ingredient freshly available to us. Rarely do we think about where our food originated and how far it traveled to get there. Often when dealing with fresh produce our food comes from thousands of miles away. Even when the food is available locally, you will find the same food from another state or country in the supermarket. While having these foods available to us provides many advantages, importing food from abroad or from around the country also has many disadvantages. Being able to keep up with the growing population and food demand is a great advantage of having foods from around the world brought in and having the technology available to deliver it to underdeveloped countries. More and more areas in the United States are being developed to keep up with the growing population to provide housing and businesses, this is diminishing our farmland at an alarming rate. According to the National Resources Inventory, which tracks and documents the nation's natural resources, conditions and trends, 4,080,300 acres of farmland were transformed for development between 2002 and 2007. This is roughly the size of Massachusetts. If we continue to develop our land then we will have to rely more and more on bringing in food from other countries to keep up with the demand. So it is good that we have the technology to preserve and transport food around the world, but often we are using it when we don't have to. Buying local foods also has many advantages. Local food is always going to be fresher and taste better than food shipped
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