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Big Ideas in Science from Methods to Mutation SC300 Unit 4 Submitted by: Date: September 11th 2012 1. What patterns do you see in the distribution of earthquakes across the continental United States? When conducting research on the earthquake patterns across the United States, it becomes obvious that the majority of the earthquake activity in the continental U.S. centers on the western coastal region which includes California, Oregon, and Washington as well as the Alaskan western coastal region. This area is, according to geological scientists, one of the most active regions for earthquakes in the world as it is an area where the tectonic plates of the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate…show more content…
There was an earthquake that happened on September 9th, 2012 in Oklahoma which was a 3.4 magnitude (USGS, 09/11/2012) 3. What patterns do you see in the distribution of earthquakes around the world? In researching the global earthquake it looks that the region called the Pacific Rim of Fire is the most active of all around the world. This area is noted for its seismic activity as four major tectonic plates converge in this region. These plates are the Pacific Plate, the Eurasian Plate, the Indo-Australian Plate, and the North American Plate. As to the distribution of the activity around the world the majority of the world’s earthquake activity occurs in this region. (USGS, 09/11/2012) 4. Click on one of the earthquakes on the map and make a note of its magnitude and region. When reviewing the USGS map of the most recent earthquakes around the word it was noted that a magnitude 3.5 magnitude earthquake occurred on September 8th, 2012 in Molalla, Oregon 04:57:45 UTC, at 45.122° N, 122.691° W, and its depth was at 22.6 km (14.0) beneath the surface of the…show more content…
And finally prepare a list of specific areas to inspect within and outside my residence in the event of a sizeable earthquake occurs in the general vicinity in which I and my family lives. 7. Examine the list of the most destructive earthquakes on record: What are the two most recent earthquakes on this list? What does this tell you about the power of science to control or predict earthquakes? After going to the website related to this question it was noted that the first two most recent earthquakes on this listed on this site, which did not include any information on the earthquake that occurred off the Japanese coast which caused so much devastation and destruction this past month, first reflected that on January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck in the area of Haiti, located in the Atlantic Ocean, which has been held responsible for the deaths of 222,570 people and many millions in damage, and the second most recent to be on May 12, 2008 in Eastern Sichuan, China, which registered a 7.9 magnitude and was responsible for the deaths of 87,587 people. (USGS,

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