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The Issues The Just About You committee was created on January 5th of 2012 which defines the system of the associate sports and competition for people with physical, mental and limited abilities. We have been the leading company in the establishment with the Indian players in many of the international events with disabilities. “Just About You” want more than affordable health care, they also want ethical health care quality and quantity. Ethical standards are needed to protect patients, maintain standards of quality of care, and the prevention of fraudulent use of funds. Without these qualities the health care system would be in a financial mess. The Just About You Company will formulate and implement the policy for sports, recreation and sporting rehabilitation within the community and abroad. Just About You has a clear parallel between Paralympic and The Deaf Olympic in the Indian organizations. Just About You want to be the company that you can call on in the time of need. We want to work for its projection in the upcoming years starting in 2012 and ending in 2020. We want to be the leading entity in recreation, and sports rehabilitation for people with disability. You have to promote the high level of development, in every aspect. The international stages of strengthening of the sports structure in short term, and long term. Some of the roadblocks that we have to overcome are people not being opened minded in companies or organizations and lack of the real opportunities for education which is a challenging experience. In many of the countries we wait for the permission to have the sports games, not to mention the legal permit. How often have you gone to the doctor’s office, or the emergency room just to be told to take a seat and we will call you. Then after you have been called they only take your vital signs and was asked to return to your seat

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