Saying No To Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

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Just Say “No” to Lowering the Drinking Age Many people in the United States do not think outside the box. In comparison to other countries we stick to very strict guidelines and rules. For example: in Amsterdam, public are able to go to any restaurant and smoke marijuana. As we all know that would never happen in the U.S. There are many issues we have to look at as a whole. They range from making marijuana legal to lowering the drinking age to 18 years old. Everyone has their own opinions on each issue as it arises. There are pros and cons to one particular controversy that everyone has their minds on, do we lower the drinking age to age 18 years old? Right now as the issue stands the American public are 50/50 on the subject. So the question stands, should the drinking age be lowered to 18? The fact is there are too many life altering consequences when alcohol is consumed at ripe, young age, obviously lowering the drinking age would be devastating to our youth. Many of people have tackled this issue head on. There is one man in particular, John McCardell. McCardell is on the supporting side of this issue of letting our younger generation drink alcohol. He states that there is a problem with binge drinking in college and lowering the drinking age to 18 will most likely take care of this highly talked about problem (Baldauf 28). Though, as a community, we do recognize this ongoing problem. McCardell gives no solid reasons as to how lowering the drinking age to 18 would solve the binge drinking of young college students. “When my 20 year old son comes home from college at Christmas time, if I serve him alcohol, I’m communicating a message I’m not sure I ought to”, says John McCardell. This shear statement says to me there is an opposing side with everyone including McCardell who is

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