Say No to Cohabitation Essay

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Who are currently in a relationship? When do you plan to get married? What do you know about cohabitation? Cohabitation nowadays becomes a trend. Well, a lot of people are having this thinking that surely cohabitation before marriage is better for the reasons that you’ll get to know your partner more, and be more experienced in raising a family. However, these reasons are so shallow in terms of legality and morally based understanding of “family” and “relationship”. Today, I would like to talk to you about first, the effect of cohabitation on our society, family, and the relationship between the two parties. I’ll begin by telling you about the effect of cohabitation on our society. In our modern world, people tend to experiment with a lot of things including relationships which could also lead to a more dangerous society with a lot of crimes and violence’s. Domestic violence is one of the results that could be brought up by living in together. It is proven that cohabiters are much more vicious than the married couples because men have this thinking that they are just engaging into that kind of relationship because of the suitability of the relationship, while on the other hand, women think that after that “live-in” relationship, they will be married. In this case, the men has this higher- position than women. I’m sure that a lot of you, Scholasticans, are already seeing the negative effect of this cohabitation on our society especially with women. But you might be asking also the effect of this cohabitation on families? Let me tell you that the family is the first social institution created by man. Therefore man alone can establish a good family relationship or a bad family relationship. In addition, a study shows that married fathers are more likely than cohabiting fathers to assist their children. The responsibility comes within already. Mostly,
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