Say No to Facelifts

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I hope that no one will ever voluntarily ruin their beautiful face. Most of us have a thing or two that we would love to change about ourselves, and as we age we find even more faults with our bodies. Ever fantasize about plastic surgery? Wait! Do you know what you are really facing? I will never be a positive promoter of face lifts and I would like to share some information as to why. For starters, most doctors are trained to cut too much and pull too tightly in an attempt to smooth the underlying tissues of the face. Almost always too much fat and skin is taken away therefore leaving people to look hollow and almost skeletonized. For doctors to admit such things says a lot in itself. Facelifts do not leave you with a younger looking self they instead leave you looking like a completely different person often times a regretted different person. Patients are often left with extremely undesirable traits. Would you like your eyes to have a perpetual look of surprise? Or maybe you want to look frozen and freakish? Better yet how about looking like a wax figure or people telling you that you look artificially preserved. The descriptions of outcomes that have happened to people is a big enough turn off, but of course there are other things that steer me clear of facelifts. Think about the down time. After all you have just had your entire face nearly reconstructed. Most facelift patients are out of commission for two to three weeks. This means absolutely no vigorous activity while the swelling, bruising, and oozing occur. You will more than most likely feel muscle tautness and oh yes I must not forget to remind you your face will have a sense of numbness that sticks around for months. There is as always a chance that infection can occur or even an internal bleed which can easily lead to death. So you’re still thinking a facelift may be the
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