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Finally, it is the weekend. This means I’m free from all the stresses of school for a little while. Soon as I get home I turn on Pandora and collapse onto my bed. I always intend to take a short nap but I usually stay asleep a lot longer. When I wake up I feel refreshed and free from the annoying reminder that I need to sleep. This past Friday, in particular, I woke up to a song on Pandora that was unfamiliar to me. I prefer rap and R&B songs. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this genre a lot. It turned out to be smooth jazz, sound from a saxophone. Instantly this took me back to my middle school years when I played the clarinet. The only reason I ever agreed to play that instrument was because I was promised to be able to play the Saxophone once I was good enough. I’m not sure if I was tricked to play the clarinet or if I was just never good enough but I was furious after every year when I was not promoted to Saxophone. Finally, I had enough and I decided to quit. I always wondered how far the Saxophone would have taken me if I was given the chance to play it. I imagine I would have become good enough to get a scholarship somewhere. Whenever I have a passion for something, I feel that nothing can stop me. I become obsessed with it. It isn’t too late to start playing the Saxophone though. I think that is one of the greatest advantages of playing any instrument. Unlike, playing a sport, an instrument doesn’t discriminate what age a person is. It can be learned and played at any age. After this flashback of memories of my good old middle school years I decided to learn to play the Saxophone. So I rented a saxophone online. I am looking forward to receiving it in the mail any day now. There are many reasons why I want to learn the Saxophone so badly. The main reason is because I love the sound and music the Saxophone can produce. It is very easy to the years and can

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