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2012 SKRIPTA SAVREMENA AMERIČKA KNJIŽEVNOST Kićo Jajčanin 6/18/2012 SAVREMENA AMERIČKA KNJIŽEVNOST 1. Don DeLillo - White Noise Context Born in 1936 to Italian immigrant parents, Don DeLillo grew up in a blue - collar, working- class neighborhood in the Bronx, an area whose sights and sounds would eventually fill the pages of his novels. As a child, DeLillo was more interested in sports and t he life of the city than with academics and literature. He was eighteen when he began to seriously read the works of writers like William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, and James Joyce, whose experiments with language would particularly influence him. Through out his college years at Fordham University, New York City played a pivotal role in DeLillo’s education. The booming jazz scene of Greenwich Village, the explosion of abstract expressionism, and the foreign films of Jean- Luc Godard and Federico Fellini— none of which were readily available outside of New Y ork in those days—were central to DeLillo’s early development as an artist. After graduating in 1958 with a degree in communication arts, DeLillo began a career in advertising as a copywriter, a job he fou nd uninteresting and eventually quit after five years. Unfulfilling as the job may have been, DeLillo’s brief experience with advertising influenced many of his works, particularly White Noise, which hums with product placements and commercials and reflect s the author’s sensitivity to the power of consumerism. In 1966, DeLillo began work on his first novel, Americana, which he wrote on and off for the next four years in- between odd jobs. Published in 1971 to mixed reviews, Americana marked the beginning of a prolific writing career. For the next several years, DeLillo published a novel a year, each novel further establishing and cementing his reputation as one of

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