What Is A Savior

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What is a Savior? Who is a Savior? How do I become a Savior? From a book called The River Between, written by Ngugi, and a book known as the Bible, two very special men emerge. Waiyaki, from The River Between, and Jesus Christ, from the Bible, both can be along the lines of a savior. Do you think they are saviors of their people? They both want peace because it keeps away from conflict and keeps things in hand and they also both were betrayed for being leaders on the way to becoming saviors. They both also saved their people in two different ways that led them to salvation. The roles they play as people becoming saviors have a huge impact on the way things turn out in the end. Both Waiyaki and Jesus wanted people in some kind of way. Waiyaki wanted people between the tribes and the two ridges. He wanted all the conflict to stop because people were going to get hurt, “but we cannot allow this to happen to Joshua through the madness of one person”(Ngugi 133). Waiyaki had a lot of hard times happening at this time like his friends betraying him and the tribe turning on him, but he got through it and brought the peace with him. Jesus wanted peace for everyone and for everyone to love each other. He never fully achieved the peace he wanted because of sin in the world. His religion grew in huge numbers after people witnessed him performing miracles. The people followed his ways and became peaceful with the help of Jesus, “Go in Peace. Your journey has the LORD’s approval”(Judges 18:5). Jesus said and wants us to live in peace with everyone in the name of his father. Peace was brought to their people by both Waiyaki and Jesus Christ. Also Waiyaki and Jesus were leaders and wanted things for their people. Signs of stepping up and being a leader can lead to a lot of attention for what your doing and your close friends might not like it and be
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