Saving the World from Obesity, One Step at a Time Essay

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Saving the World from Obesity, One Step at a Time For many centuries, the perfect woman was a slim woman (Bailey 2). Though we are more understanding today and acknowledge that there are different kinds of beauty, weight is still an issue: women are still viewed ideally as thin women, and this is clearly demonstrated by the media, ie. Hollywood actresses, Victoria Secret models. However, “the irony is that while the mainstream media glamorizes thinness and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle as indicators of physical beauty and success in life, the food industry also uses the media to bombard customers with advertisements for high-fat, convenient foods that inevitably contribute to unhealthy weight gain” (Moon 1). Today, we are in the midst of an American obesity epidemic; with every year that passes, more Americans are eating more, and unhealthier, so obesity rates are on the rise. “Almost three out of every four foods advertised to children falls into the unhealthy categories that contribute to the obesity epidemic” (“Fast-Food Advertising is Linked to Rising Childhood and Teen Obesity” 2). Children are most at risk for obesity, and they suffer the most too, especially at school, because overweight children are often criticized and/or ridiculed for their weight (Critser 4). “Childhood obesity is the result of an imbalance between the calories a child consumes as food and beverages and the calories a child uses to support normal growth and development, metabolism and physical activity” (“Obesity in Children is a Serious Problem” 2). Nutrition and inactivity are the main causes of obesity in America. In recent years, children have been getting lazier, watching TV instead of participating in some sort of physical activity (which also increases their exposure to fast food advertisements), eating larger portions, and eating unhealthier foods because they are

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