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Protagonists are the leading characters of literary stories. The protagonist I will be talking about is Nea, from Saving Sourdi by May-Lee Chai. Nea is a very flat character. She is not dynamic, but a static character due to the fact that her beliefs stay the same throughout the story. Nea and Sourdi go through a lot growing up, but Nea does not understand the reason for Sourdi’s actions. Nea is a very protective sister over Sourdi, even though Sourdi is older than Nea. Nea is portrayed as fearless. In the beginning of the story, the setting is set in the restraint where Nea and her family work. Sourdi is getting harassed by a few gentlemen customers. Nea tries to be protective. “Get away from my sister!” she shouted,…show more content…
Instead, they were met with hard times. Despite the hard times they went through to get there, they managed to make it to South Dakota and make a comfortable living. Nea was too young to remember the struggles they went through to get to America and where they are now. As Nea says, “When we moved to South Dakota, I thought we’d find the real America, the one where we were supposed to be, not the hot and sweaty America…” Also later in the story Sourdi reminds Nea what they went through to get to America. Sourdi tells Nea, “that she was too young to remember but she had to carry Nea on her back as she stepped on the dead bodies to cross the landmines.” As a character Nea is a static character. Her views do not change much throughout the story. For instance, when Sourdi called their mother upset, Nea could not understand why Sourdi “could stay with them for a while.” Her mother replied, “she has a family of her own.” Also, Nea would be considered a flat character. There is not much to her personality, even though she is the main character. Sourdi would be more of a rounded or dynamic

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