Saving Private Ryan on Realism Point of View

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Saving Private Ryan The movie “Saving Private Ryan” is a movie that depicts the true ‘Merica that everyone likes to say our country represents. The movie based on real events, is honed for its realistic tone, visuals, and intensity. Through the gore and violence, you can find 8 heroes. Though two of them died, they were all putting their life on the line for this “Private Ryan” the soldier they had never met. This movie shows true patriotism, and Americanism. The whole crew fought through many rigorous battles as it was amazing how they survived. The American values in this movie are seen nearly every ten minutes. In the beginning where Private Ryan is honoring Captain Miller, or when Captain Miller honors the mission to save Private Ryan, or even when they let German Soldier free (though against most of their morals at that time, it was the right thing to do). This brilliant move that was nominated for eleven academy awards and won five of them, is the perfect movie for an American, a true war connoisseur, or a This movie especially fits into the realism view. It shows the gore, blood, and guts of war, the intensity of getting shot, the intensity of friends dying, and the intensity of overall war. The emotions from each character also illustrate a true “war story”. For example, when the two soldiers started fighting and anger arises, or when a true friend of a soldier dies and tears emerge. Everything about this movie is seen as real. The viewer emotion is rattled throughout the films ups and downs. This emotional film should have everyone in tears. Especially at the end of the movie when Captain Miller tells Private Ryan that he earned it. He earned his respect, and he earned his value as a soldier. And even more so the tears should start to stream when Private Ryan says to his wife, “Tell me I’ve lived a good life. Tell me I’m a good man.” Ryan has

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