Saving Private Ryan Essay

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In life we are sometimes forced to make critical judgement calls. At the time you don’t necessarily think about what we are doing we just do things. Looking back at what we did in certain circumstances we realize that on occasion we didn’t make the right decision. On occasion doing the right thing can sometimes be the wrong thing. War, dire situations, Life and death situations. In war there are several instances this comes into focus. While you are at war there is several times where one must exercise critical judgement. At critical moments one must make a decision and stick with their decision because there are no do overs in war once you do something you then have to deal with anything that has to follow. In the movie the squad 2nd Ranger Battalion under Cpt. Miller comes into contact with a German soldier who they think has killed their medic. They want to kill him but one member of their own squad doesn’t think it’s the right thing to do because he surrendered they shouldn’t kill him because it would be unethical. Later in the movie while they are defending the bridge against the Germans the member of the squad who didn’t want to kill the German guy sees him killing members of his own squad with his own eyes. He then realizes that what he did before was the right thing at the time but was the wrong thing to do in the end of everything. Another example of this would be that right after they take over the Omaha Beach the two American soldiers come in to close contact with two other German soldiers who at that moment have given up and have clearly surrendered and explaining themselves in German. The two American soldiers then say they do not understand what the German soldiers are saying and shoot the Germans. At the time it may have been a good idea in their minds because emotions are running high because they just witnessed their fellow soldiers being

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