Saving Our Mother Earth Essay

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To tell you the truth, it has been very hard for me to make an introduction for this speech. And it has been harder to make my speech unique since a lot of my ideas were already said. But then again, I thought to myself, is this about the uniqueness of one’s speech? Is this about the grade that we get from writing this essay? Is this about the award that we will be getting if ever you have the best content or delivered it the best (no offense)? (Well, maybe at first I did think it is) I think not. I don’t need to make it unique because I know that some of us will really have same ideas. And I think it’s great…because it means that I am not alone. I am not alone in this fight for our Mother Nature. On the past few days, I have heard my classmates speak their minds about our environment. I can relate to almost all of your speeches. I heard Joy’s speech and I have been inspired by her. I am actually the same as her. She said that she didn’t care about the environment. She hates it but not to the point that she hurts the animals. Well, I am pretty much the same person before. I didn’t care about the environment. I mean, why would I? When I was in preschool, I had all the papers I wanted. I can draw a tiny circle on a ½ crosswise and when I think that that circle is an oval, I would rip that paper and crumple it, and then I would start drawing again in another paper. Wasting is so much fun, right? Who would think that a little girl like me (before) could kill a living thing? Nobody told me to stop anyway. Nobody said that it’s bad. Nobody ever scolded me in school telling me to stop wasting paper. So why would I? One major problem of the environment is lack of knowledge. If that little girl knew that she killed trees when she crumples the paper if she draws an oval instead of a circle, I think she wouldn’t continue doing that. And if she still did, it will be lesser

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