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Saving Money Essay

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Question 1, Describe the basic differences and similarities between the daily life in Israel and Roman Empire. How people of the first century live, eat, dress, work, travel, learn or enjoy entertainment?   Overview of typical life of a Jew in the first century which of those element did you find most surprising of what similarities exist between the first century and today

Paleshnian house Jews

Houses in Palestine were constructed from stone because it was cheap and readily available. Small stones were packed into the gaps between larger stones and a layer of mud was plastered over the interior. Larger houses may have a double thickness of stones. In Jordan valley it was easier to build houses with mud bricks because of the availability of rich, thick mud. The roof of a house in Palestine was usually made by placing wooden beams across the top of the walls covering them with brush, and placing a layer of mud or clay on top usually made the roof of a house in Palestine.   Desert tents. The portable tents of the Bedouins were made of animal skins and could be enlarged as families grew a number of families place their tents close together to form a comp. Poorer Palestine‚Äôs could normally afford a single room dwelling. Homes in Palestine generally had two windows. The absence of windows blocked the heat of direct sunlight from interior and offered protection from the entry of a thief (Lea and Black page 32)

The rooms of roman homes were often built around un roofed courtyard with the more expensive homes having roles of pillars. Romans homes were generally built of more durable maternal than those in Palestine conveinceical such as central heating, baths and plumbing were not uncommon homes for lower middle class people in the Roman Empire often consisted of flats in apartments houses (Lea and Black PG.34)

The daily diet for the average Palestinians or W.T. times probably consisted of vegetable fruits and...

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