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Saving Grace by Jean Simeon Chardin is a very strong piece of art. It could have many meanings behind it. The first thing I thought of when I looked at this was a single mother with her two children praying before they ate. I assume they are a very religious family. This picture has so many things that tie it together perfectly. Starting with the contrast of the white table cloth and going all the way to the pot on the floor where the mother might not have had room on the table for it. Chardin did a good job with using darker colors in the background so the front of the painting would stand out more. The thing that catches my eye the most is that there is not that much pattern in this photo, the only photo I really notice when looking at this is the chairs stripes. If you notice on the back of the youngest childs chair there is a drum with a little bit of a pattern but not much. The background could be described as sfumato or chiaroscuro. There is a vanishing point on the back wall where the two separate themselves. The shelf looks as it as 3-D but all oil paintings are 2-D. But the shelf and the wall have converging lines. The children take up positive space while the background of the painting take up negative. Vertical and curved lines are used in this to create strength and elegance, while horizontal and diagonal are used to create stillness and some movement by the mother. All together this painting balances itself out pretty

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