Saving a Friend with a Bitter Truth Essay

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I saw my best friend’s boyfriend holding hand and kissing another girl at the mall last Saturday. I could not believe what I saw and felt so upset the whole weekend but I luckily got a chance to capture that my moment on my cellphone. Using the evidence, I will definitely unveil his unfaithful behavior to my best friend and no matter what the consequences are. It has been said that honesty is the best policy. It is also one of life values that I have been growing up with. My parents said that being honest was the way to gain trust from other and would save our and other people’s life. My parents were definitely right. Now, it is the time to show my heroine side. In this case, my best friend is being cheated on and I have to save her from lies. I would be feeling very guilty if I did not let her know what happened, so I have decided to be the “whistle blower” who will disclose the affair. A cheater will have to learn a lesson that being faithful is important in a relationship. Besides, by telling the truth, it means that I am being honest to myself and also to my best friend. At the end, I would be glad to accept the reality if her boyfriend confronts or even hates me. I will have no regret at all because I believe I do the right thing. I believe that a true friend will take care of each other’s back in a bad situation. It is so unacceptable to know my best friend is being cheated on and I caught her boyfriend in the act. I absolutely have a moral responsibility to tell my friend the situation in order to keep her from getting deeply hurt if she finds out later days. I will talk to her and reveal what her boyfriend has been playing around with another girl all of this time. I am sure she will be more freaking out and even crying after seeing the evidence herself. However, I will try my best to comfort and stand by her side in this bad time. Moreover, if that

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