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Save the Trestles Some of the rarest habitat in the world exists in South Orange County and North San Diego County. This open space is headwaters for one of Southern California’s cleanest remaining watersheds and harbors numerous endangered and threatened species. One of California’s greatest surfing beaches, Trestles, depends on unspoiled the San Mateo Creek. San Onofre State Beach, one of California’s most popular state parks, provides affordable camping within walking distance of Trestles beach. The communities of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point enjoy the amenities and economic benefits provided by this open space, including clean beaches and clean air. The extension of the 241 Foothill South Toll Road should not be completed. A proposed toll road and large residential and…show more content…
“…highway would ruin the environment and set a dangerous precedent by cutting through a state park.” (4) The 241 extension would bisect San Onofre State Beach, force the closure of a popular campground, violate California law by disturbing a Juaneno Indian sacred site on public land, and impact the surf break at Trestles, the world-famous surf break which remains the only spot on the World Championship Tour of Surfing in the mainland USA. Not only that, but it's poorly planned, woefully financed, and a massive inducement to traffic, I believe that building the toll road is not a relief to the traffic problem, but an aggravation. “It would be difficult to imagine a more environmentally damaging alternative location for the proposed toll road… no measures exist that would enable the proposed alignment to be found consistent with the Coastal Act.”

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