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Save Our Forests Essay

  • Submitted by: sandeep11286
  • on May 31, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Save Our Forests" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Respect life ,nature and planet Earth by saving the forests

It is not just the aesthetic value of the verdant forests which is so pleasing to a human eye which the forests gifts us but also life sustainability to 90% of the terrestrial biodiversity (including us) harboured by it in its 30% share on the earth surface. Forests absorb atmospheric carbon and replenish the oxygen in the air we breathe. They aid in regulating our climate, purify water and mitigate natural hazards such as floods. About 45 % of the forests though decreasing are still unexplored. It contains the world’s rarest medicinal plants and its resources are key ingredients to many useful products. Yet we are oblivious of the importance of it. We take it for granted. Unless certain steps are taken to stop the massive degradation and deforestation of this precious life preserving resource, we are digging our own grave. There are two important factors to be considered for these steps, of which the first one is the most important one and only, if and only if we succeed in the first one we can possible think of the second one.

The first and the most important factor in determining the future of humanity or even the whole biodiversity on this earth is the “Will” of humanity in its totality to understand the importance of our forests. It is the will to change the attitude towards nature as a whole. Unless that will is firm, we will not be able to help ourselves. As our modern civilizations are built on brick and mortar, these structures made an impression in our mind of our separation from nature. This separation is unnatural as it is non existent. As we should understand that man and nature are not separate entities. Man grows into nature and grows with it. We are very much part of nature as we are of our fortified structures, which is made from materials obtained from nature and is made in nature itself. Unless man realizes his kinship with nature his very existence will be in danger as he never...

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