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LearnEnglish Elementary Podcast Series 02 Episode 08 Support materials Download the LearnEnglish Elementary podcast. You‟ll find all the details on this page: While you listen While you listen, read and answer the questions below. Remember that there may be more than one correct answer. See Answers at the end of this support pack. Section 1 1. Listen to Tess and Ravi. Tick all the phrases you think are true. There may be more than one right answer. a) Ravi is going to Scotland on holiday. b) Ravi has been to Barcelona. c) Tess has been to Barcelona. d) Ravi is going to Barcelona. Section 4 4. Listen to Your Turn. Which of these talents do people mention? Tick all the talents that are mentioned. a) dancing b) playing a musical instrument c) writing novels d) singing Section 5 5. Listen to Carolina and her friends on their trip. Why do they call the police? a) Someone has stolen Henry‟s car. b) Someone has crashed into Henry‟s car. c) Someone has stolen something from Henry's car. d) Henry needs a report for his insurance company. 6. What number do they use to call the police in Newcastle? a) 999 b) 112 c) 03456 043 043 d) 0845 3300 247 Section 6 7. Listen to the joke. Tick all the phrases you think are true. a) A talking dog is for sale. b) The man talks to the dog. c) The dog can‟t speak. d) The dog tells lies. Section 2 2. Listen to Tim talking about fell running. Tick all the phrases you think are true. a) People only go fell running in the north of England. b) There‟s lots of uphill running in fell running. c) People used to run fell races for money. d) Tim goes fell running in the Lake District. Section 3 3. Listen to the quiz. Which of these holiday words does Lydia mention? Tick all the answers she mentions. a) sunbathing b) sunscreen c) sunglasses d) sun hat Page 1 of 14 The
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