Savanna Homecoming Essay

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Savanna homecoming Today I will compare and contrast two women’s lives Alice, and Flora to the 5 themes or geography. Like how they live, there environment, and from where they live and where they are going to move. These two women are trying to see witch way they want to witch is the best. Alice is a single mother living in East Africa running a hair salon in the middle of town. She lives in a city with modern convinces but comes from a traditional family from a Kikuyu tribe. She is nine months pregnant and wants to have her second child in her spiritual homeland where there is a divinity with the earth. She is raising both children the traditional Kikuyu way starting from birth. Her doctor doesn’t want her to travel so far to a place that doesn’t even have an hospital but it’s but she really wants to have her child in her homeland so her kids can grow up in a traditional way. She travels back home by van to her mother and other relatives who feel she is not being traditional enough. Flora, born and raised in Arusha, one of Tanzania’s biggest cities, doesn’t come from a traditional family but decided to marry into one. After marrying her husband, they moved to Kinjungo, a city with no running water, electricity or plumbing; it’s a 40 minute walk just to get water. She has lived in Kinjungo for 11 years with no contact with her family. She lives a Kinjungo lifestyle that requires her husband to be a hunter and gatherer and he just relies on the earth for food and water. Flora’s husband may leave for months at a time, leaving her to watch their sick kids and the farm while there is no food. After giving up everything for her husband, she feels like she is torturing herself in the kinjungo and feels as if she has lost more than she has gained. She loves her husband but has to make a decision; leave her husband and go back to the city her homeland or

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