Savanna Biome Research Paper

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I. Savanna Biome Def. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A. Climate * Savanna’s have generally _________temperatures all year round. * A seasonal change occurs between wet tropical air masses and dry tropical air masses; As a result, there is a very wet season, and a very dry season. 1. Dry Season a) Average of about __ inches of rain will fall b) Between ___________ and ______________no rain will fall at all. c) Oddly it’s a little cooler during the dry season, but not too cold only about ___ degrees. 2. Wet Season a) Lots of rain b) An…show more content…
b) Candelabra Tree (_______ ) 1. Seeds are harvested in vast amounts and edible 2. Large food source for animals in the Savanna c) Elephant Grass 1. Favorite food of _________________ 2. Also harvested and burned to be used in _______ _ Plants C. Plant Functions a) Plants in the Savanna regions are highly specialized to grow in this region during long periods of drought b) They have long tap roots that can reach the deep water table, thick bark to resist forest fires, trunks that can store water, and leaves that _______ off during the winter to conserve water. c) Some plants have sharp thorns, or a __________ taste to discourage animals from feeding on them. D. Animals of the Savanna 1. Aardwolf (__________________________) a) Long, furry hyena that has long front legs and short front legs b) Carnivore but also an __________________. c) Feeds mostly on Harvester termites, Insect Larvae, and eggs of ground nesting birds d) Has a rancid odor to that of a __________. 2.

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