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Kozol's use of thick description and touching personal accounts from teachers and students gives life and breath to his work. Kozol does a great job of tying in historical facts, figures, and percentages, with emotional and personal narratives. Kozol will make you feel as if you are in the school buildings and classrooms he describes. The reader is not an observer, but an attentive and sensitive participant. Kozol lets the reader know just how important a role environment can play in the lives of the people involved in America's schools. Buildings that are crumbling, with leaky roofs and broken bathrooms are not just dangerous facilities for those who must work within them, but they also send a message to our children of their worth. No one feels valued and respected in a place that is falling apart. It is very hard for many young students to learn, simply because of the neighborhoods they live in, or the tough home lives they may have, and the school environment often piles up on the list of things that just aren't pretty in an inner city kid's life. Savage Inequalities is a great book; a book which every American citizen should read. Kozol paints a powerful picture of reality and leaves his reader with many questions to answer. Do we care about our future citizens or would we rather see only some of our children…show more content…
18-26), and Kozol is all talk, no action. While he was visiting these schools, did he attempt to organize the schools, teachers, parents, and students? He observed the schools and was able to highlight the inequities present, but did he do anything? He had an ideal opportunity to initiate some organizing of those involved, yet the book does not suggest that he did much more than visit the schools and report back what he saw, heard, and

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