Saudi Arabia: Why It Is Improtant

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9-22-13 AP English synthesis essay It seems almost humorous that two countries that have totally different ways of government can be allies. There can be enormous differences between views and beliefs. So how does the United States and Saudi Arabia maintain a diplomatic relationship? Are the differences between the two countries so wide that we (America) should just forget them? How big is the threat and value of Saudi Arabia? Our alliance with Saudi Arabia needs to be strengthened. Right now Saudi is an ally but not so much a friend. It is even questionable if they are an ally at times. They need to be open for change and reform. The United States should work on maintaining Saudi Arabia as an ally. We still have interests that overlap. “The Saudis helped undercut Iran’s economy and, along with our other regional allies, share the stated U.S. position of preventing a nuclear Iran by all means necessary”, states Michael Makovsky chief executive of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. It is seen as a main power in the region to back American ideas in the face of Iran. “Washington and Riyadh still need each other”, proclaims Bruce Riedel a former C.I.A. officer. We can help them if they help us. Saudi Arabia can push Egyptian military towards a more hopeful path. We need to persuade them to be smart by not showing control but political transition. Along with stabilizing the alliance Saudi Arabia needs to be open to change at the very least some compromises. Nada Alwadi points out, “Otherwise dangerous confrontations in the region will escalate and will end up threatening the stability of the entire Middle East. It seems hard to gain democracy in the Middle East with Saudi’s monarchy, especially with Saudi’s ruling family. The United States must look at Saudi Arabia at a new angle. There needs to be polices that ensure stabilization. The United
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