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Satyr’s Sandals. The short story “Satyr’s Sandal” is written by Edward Frederic Benson. He is a famous English novelist, biographer and short-story writer. The most famous his series of novels is “Mapp and Lucia”. The genre of the story is fantasy, because some mythical creatures as Satyrs and Dryads participate in the story. The types of narrations are the author’s narration and character’s speech. The character’s speech prevails in the text and it means that the events are given through their perception. The main character of the story is Pan. He has chosen for his company to reside in London, but Satyrs and Dryads don’t like London at all. The story begins with description of London. The uses a lot of tomonyms such as “Piccadilly Circus”, “Richmond”, “Trafalgar Square”, “Covent Garden”, “Lower Regent Street” and “St James's Park” to persuade the readers in the reality of actions and to give the definite place of events. The stream of thoughts goes on and on for a half of a page as if The Dryad is unable to control her feelings. To show the despair and unsatisfaction of life in London the author employs a lot of anaphoric repetitions “And I want to feel young again: I want to feel as I felt when I used to go bright-eyed through Athens all night long”, semantic repetition “It's awful for a Dryad not to want to dance. It's worse than not dancing”, parallel constructions and repetition “They dance because there's nothing else to do. They yawn because there's nothing else to say. They drink because they don't want to eat. They eat because there don't want to drink”. The author uses simile “I'm getting like human girls: I'm slack and tired: I don't care...” to shoe the negative influence of city life. German barbarism “'Gotterdammerung” and its English equivalent are used to draw readers’ attention to disastrous conclusions of events. Also, the author wants to

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