The Importance Of Cliques In High School

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September 27th 2012 Josh Fewer ENG 3U Mrs. Breault Satire/Parody Every day is a new beginning. A brand new start and everybody has an opportunity to flourish and put their skills on display. In high school, you’re given the opportunity to make friends due to a system. To many, it’s a very psychological and natural event that sorts people that share similar traits, into various groups. Any guesses? “Cliques”, this is how every soul is distinguished from one another. In this essay, hopefully an agreement can be reached; that an exclusive group such as a “clique” may not necessarily be a good thing. Preps are only affiliated with other preps, Jocks or your “meat heads” are always on the court, or on the field. And then you have the typical…show more content…
Basically, you are automatically put into the clique that bests fits you. This exploits, and breaks students down till the last hair on their head. Looks, hobbies, clothes you wear, intelligence and work ethic, and even the accessories you apply define who each person is. With this being said, it’s fair to say that this can result in dangerous, and harmful events occurring in school, at a sporting event, and outside of school. Furthermore, students or people included within a clique usually change who they are to fit into a clique of their preference. If the members of a clique dislike what a student wears, smells like, and even what they do after school; this student could be bullied, teased and even harmed. This results in uncomfortable clothing being worn, disgusting cologne or perfume applied, and students possibly doing things that they despise. Most cliques have dress codes, hangout spots, and always a leader commanding and bossing other people around. In some cases, colour codes, and similar clothing will be worn to follow a trend. Students are then often left without opinions, and feel like clones of other people. Sheer evil, and lack of originality? That is an
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