Satire on Singapore Essay

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ELIT Graded Assignment --- Satire STOMP—the act of shaming someone’s wrong or unacceptable doings by posting their ‘despicable’ acts online. We intend to prove to you right now that it is actually erroneous of STOMP to say that, and we will kindly explain to you how these actions are very much acceptable as they bring many benefits to our society. When Adelin Hosebo (good or not, translated from Hokkien), willingly slapped her frail and elderly mother with humongous force, she was absolutely not showing an act of impertinence, but an act of simple benevolence, that many non-Singaporeans are incapable of doing. When mothers age, their face tends to get saggier, and by slapping her mum, she in reality, helped reduce her mum’s sagging of the cheeks! She even saved her mother the huge sum of money that could have been spent on expensive face lifting cream that may not even work. What a divine act of salvation. But as a kind-hearted person, she did not reveal her true intention as she was afraid to expose what her mother was afraid of- skin sagging. When she pawned her loving mother’s jewelry for money, many failed to realise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Why and how so? Because, her mother’s money will eventually become hers, so she is simply taking what is going to be rightfully hers. Gambling at a young age? It is definitely not a problem. We are merely passing down extremely useful knowledge to our younger generation on how to make their own living in the future! As an additional bonus, we are introducing to them the expedient art of gambling so that in the future, they would, at the least, know how to play and not lose disgracefully to their father-in-laws or mother-in-laws. Hugging and kissing on the train? Public display of affection? Nonsense! We are just showing our younger generation that it is important and fun to have a partner.

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