Satire On Alcoholism

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ALCOHOLISM not to drink? Many Marines make the mistake of underage drinking. Even though we know its wrong, or worse illegal, we still proceed to do so. If I thought of the consequences for my actions before drinking I would of much rather not done so. Im glad I got caught this time it has opened my eyes and im seeing achoholism in a new perspective. There are many reasons the government has set a age limit for drinking. For one most teens and young adults don’t know how to handle there beer. Usually the outcome of drinking is violence, stupidity, disrespect, loss of cordination,ect….. luckly in my case it was stupidity and not violence. Im just glad I didn’t run into the wrong person and get my self into a predicament impossible…show more content…
Alcohol changes the way your mind and your body work.even one beer can slow your reactions and confuse your thinking. This means anything that requires concentration and coordination—like driving is dangerous when you’ve had a drink. It also changes the way you act. It can make you let go of the feelings that keep you from doing things you know are risky or dangerous. This can lead you to make bad decisions, like having unsadfe sex or driving when you know you shoulknt. You might think that it wont happen to you, but everyone knows someone who has said that and then ended up hurt. Alcohol can ruin your health. The more you drink, the more damage is done. You can get alcohol poisoning if you drink too much. As the level of alcohol in your blood rises, the chemicals in your body can cause vomiting or seizures, or youmay pass out. Cirrhosis of the liver is one of the most well-known effects of alcohol abuse. Cirrhosis stops the liver from being able to clean the toxins out of your body. Alcohol can also cause stomach ulcers that lead to internal bleeding. Drinking makes you gain weight, feel sick or dizzy, gives you bad breath, makes you clumsy, slur your speech, makes your skin break out and makes you feel out of

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