The Satire Of The Infamous Mark Twain In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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The satire of the infamous Mark Twain in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is nothing short of offensive trash seen in such works as Malleus Maleifcarum, and Mein Kampf. Such works as these instill hate to other human beings, not on the content of the character, but on their religion, race, and sex. Huck Finn encourages intolerance towards the African American population, just because they are “scientifically” deemed inferior. Huck Finn like other malicious pieces of literature must be bowdlerized, or taken out of the school curriculum in its entirety, instead another book in its place, that is less offensive of course, could be used as a substitute. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn through its diction is racist. There are approximately 200 uses of the derogatory term “Nigger”. This offensive term is hurtful towards African Americans because it stirs dormant memories of the injustice and suffering they received from the ruthless whites. Therefore, instead of stirring these painful memories everyone wants to forget, the book could have those words censored. Huck Finn should be banned for reading, because it stirs painful memories of the cruelty and persecution they faced in the past. Whether or not Huck was intending to be racist, the fact remains that he did not think of blacks as equal. In the period, Huck Finn was written white children grew up with the mentality that they were a higher social class then the blacks. Huck was subconsciously racist, but too innocent to understand its meaning, or even concluded about whether slavery was right or wrong. All his life Huck had lived in an environment in which slavery and racism were perfectly normal. To him questioning the morality of slavery would be like us questioning whether it is morally right to keep house pets. Huck acquired his racism from his parental figures. When Huck was living with the widow, she had

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