Satire Essay Eng 100 Satire:Drunk Driving

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The Devil's Advise: Drunk Driving Drunk driving or in other words “driving under the influence”. Is driving a motor vehicle with high blood levels of alcohol over the legal limit. Police made 1,467,300 arrests in The United States; for driving under the influence of alcohol Just in the year 1996. People give drunk driving a bad reputation. Congressmen and Senators passed laws like alcohol limit's and even groups like MADD (mother's against drunk driving) or SADD (students against drunk driving) who are against drunk driving. To tell the truth with all of these support groups and these organizations out there. The drunk drivers have never formed their own group on how sober driving is bad. I mean is driving drunk really as bad as people think it is. What if your really bored and need something to do alcohol might be a fun answer to your problems. What if you want to challenge yourself with your blurry vision to see if it is really true you cant drink and drive. People are finding out more and more how cool drunk driving can really be. I think people aren't seeing how good drunk driving can be to the community. One benefit is that driving under the influence of alcohol forces every driver on the road to pay attention to the rules of the road. If the drunk driver is swerving from one lane to the other or driving crazy it makes all other drivers pay closer attention. Think about it, if you are driving and there is a driver on the road ahead of you who is swerving, don't you slow down and drive more cautious? The drunk driver forces the other drivers to be more focused while driving. If an accident happened, why is it automatically the drunk drivers fault. What if it was the other driver who wasn't paying close attention to the road. what if he or she was on there cell phones, or putting on there make-up on the driver mere? Police officer's always point to the person

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