Satire Essay About Thanksgiving

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Madelyn Oosterink AP English 11 Mrs. Mandis Satire Thanksgiving is the time of the year to be thankful for what you have, to spread family cheer and be caring towards everyone and everything you are to come across. But has anyone ever come to the conclusion on the day AFTER, if not later that day, people go out and trample one another just for a silly thing they can add to their Christmas collection? I mean why not, writing a paper on it will not stop them. So if you can’t join them, you will just have to beat them. For example, why be thankful for something as dumb as “good health,” or “trust,” when you could be thankful for a stylish new top, or a brand new flat screen television? After a day of laughter and the classic family drama; kissing old relatives whom you haven’t seen in years and explaining your life story over and over, all any civil minded person wants is to trample another person for a sweater that is 50% off, or the toy that…show more content…
Her friends are here to pick her up for the Forever 21 sale that now begins on Thanksgiving Day! Sorry Mom and Dad, but this is the most important day of the year. Think of how many new accesories she can get a day before Black Friday even begins. And Forever 21 is even showing its consideration for the national holiday and the anticipated turkey dinner because by deciding to open at 8 p.m. after the “ideal family dinner” would’ve already been finished. Besides, the traditionally celebrated holiday is worth cutting short for those shiny new combat boots being marked down 10 percent. Of course she will even remember to show her appreciation for family during Black Friday shopping. While she’s sprinting across the clothing section and knocking other girls down to get to Rory Beca’s new high-wasted skirt display, she will be sure to grab a keychain for Mom and Dad on the way out of the

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