Satire Essay

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Obesity Over the years obesity has become a huge epidemic throughout America. It is beginning to become noticed worldwide and other countries see how much Americans truly have grown in size over the years. Americans all around the nation have speedy and easy access to food at any given time throughout their days. From twenty-four hour fast food restaurants to food stamps, there is absolutely no reason to go hungry here in the United States. However, this unlimited access is creating an unhealthy public. American Citizens are finding themselves restricted to their couches because their body weight inhibits their movement! Some can hardly even walk! Americans need to make some serious changes to their daily life styles before the rate of obesity increases. We need to alter our community into a place that strongly supports living a healthy lifestyle. In effort to reduce overweight Americans, we must take a serious stance. All electronics must be detached from their ownership, all motorized vehicles must be removed from the United States altogether, and fast food establishments should be removed from our society altogether. This is the only way to really make people understand how serious we are in handling the issue America is struggling with in the obesity crisis. Taking away everything that can possibly waver the healthy new lifestyle that all Americans will be living will hopefully solve the issue. Removing electronics from the possession of Americans will help them lose weight. By confiscating all electronics, Americans won’t be drawn into unhealthy foods through any advertisements on the TV or radio. If they aren’t consistently hearing about all the tempting foods that they could be eating, then they are less likely to crave them! They will be less aware of the new restaurants going in around town and won’t know about any specials around their community. This

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