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Satire Formal Essay Satire uses irony, wit, ridicule, sarcasm and exaggeration in an attempt to attack or criticise a subject and point out what is demoralising about it. Catch a Teacher by the Toe is a perfect example of satire. The satire is used to criticise the school education system and the teachers within this system in the 1970's. Stan Doenau has cleverly used exaggeration, irony, ridicule and general silliness to not only attack the education system, but also what society thinks of education in a humorous way. Catch a teacher by the Toe is a story of a motivated, idealistic, first year out of college teacher, Gavan Burbury, who comes to Cranston School. His high hopes in the education system are gradually eroded by his fellow teachers and their attitudes to the education of the students. The satire and irony is not always funny, and not all the humour is blatantly obvious but in fact subtle. Nevertheless the tools used in Catch a Teacher by the Toe to comment on the education system is successful and can certainly be contrasted with contemporary educational aims from the Board Of Studies statement of values and statement of equity principles. One of the main tools used in satire is exaggeration. Doenau uses exaggeration throughout the prose effectively and humorously in order to show the importance of educational aims. In the first chapter in Gavan’s first staff meeting, there is an example of exaggeration when all teachers except one were focusing on the importance of marching the students into the school. “The matter of mode of entry into the school building was brought up for discussion.” (Doneau, 1970, pp. 4). There was discussion on symmetry of the ranks, choice of music, level of amplification. The one teacher, Mr Hinkleberry who wasn’t focusing on the importance of marching, was attempting to turn the teacher’s attention to their

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