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Satire aims to explore and challenge the insufficiencies inherent in humanity throughout history. If it is successful satire exposes what is, and provokes the audience to affect change. In Rob Stich’s “The Hollowmen”, Sitch sheds light on the empty nature of the Australian Government, obsessed not with policy and change but with the unpredictable opinion polls. This is depicted in “Fat Chance’’ and “The Ambassador” where the public servants serve a political party that is depicted as self-serving, shallow and near sighted. Alternatively Mean Girls by Tina Fey expertly and scathingly satirises the female experience of high school by stripping away the veneer of a normal high school and exposing it as an institution filled with cruel cliques and incessant gossip. Mean Girls suggests that cruel peer to peer treatment is endemic in society, provoking a want for change from the audience. Both Hollowmen and Mean Girls achieve their aims though use of techniques such a verisimilitude, mise en scene and caricature. Fat Chance satirises the abysmal state of the Governments’ policy making. The machinations of the Central Policy Unit are used to illuminate the manipulations and misrepresentations found in Australian politics. Fat Chance achieves this though its use of satirical techniques such as irony. The CPU is tasked by Tony (the Prime Minister’s Chief Secretary) “show we’ve got vision” and to be “doing something for the kids” which is heavily ironic as throughout the episode, the appearance of “having vision” is far more important than the real thing, as Tony’s mantras and buzzwords seem to replace effective policy based reform. Fat Chance also displays strong use of mise en scene to create an accurate sense of the hustle and bustle of Canberra public servant’s daily jobs, leading to a strong sense of verisimilitude. This is juxtaposed with the incongruity and burlesque

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