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Max Barry and John Betjeman use satire in their novel and poem to reveal societies corrupt nature and to ridicule. In the novel Jennifer Government, Barry uses real bodies in society to satirise the corruption of civilization along with materialistic values of society. Betjeman looks at the corruption of an individual in his poem, Executive, along with creating a façade to acquire money and satisfy the materialistic values upheld by the individual. Barry satires the corruption of society’s big corporations in the novel Jennifer Government through different themes and language techniques. The corporation that is satired in chapter 1 is Nike, where “John Nike, Guerilla Marketing Operative, New Products,” and “John Nike, Guerilla Marketing President, New Products,” are introduced to Hack. Jargonistic language is used in their work titles to show the secretive and dangerous people they are. The reference to ‘guerilla’, hints at some kind of warfare and in this case it is a corrupt and clandestine type of warfare to satisfy the materialistic needs of the corporation. Barry gives them the same name with similar work titles to satire the effect that corporations have on people in making them clones of the business and dehumanise the people amongst them. This use of jargon and theme of dehumanisation is used to ridicule the individuals inside Nike and satire the corruptness of the corporations as a whole. Barry further satirizes the corruption of Nike again in chapter 1 of Jennifer Government. John Nike and John Nike decide to contract the Mercury killings to Hack were he must shoot 10 people that buy the Nike shoes on the release date. “We figure we only have to plug…what did we decide? Five? Ten.” This quote shows the insensitivity of the big corporations in Jennifer Government and is used to satirise the modern societies adaption to violence. Barry uses colloquial

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