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For Many years now cartoonists have used political problems and political happenings to create funny cartoons that also make an important point to the people. Satire is used widely around the world. Most newspaper companies include a satirical cartoon at least once throughout there paper. Subject The Subject of this satirical cartoon is from the loss of Kevin Rudd’s Prime minstrel status and how Julia Gillard back stabbed him and also the pokies reform. As shown in the cartoon the act off removing and or taking down of Kevin Rudd was seen as a major happening. Not only did Julia Gillard rise up from behind Kevin Rudd but she planned most of the actions leading up to the ballot. Kevin Rudd stood tall with Julia Gillard at his side promoting her when possible. Julia Gillard used that to her advantage to gain favour with most of the public but all so with many members of parliament. Target Targeted in this carton is Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard is targeted in this because of how she backstabbed Kevin Rudd by taking his prime minstrel status. Julia Gillard stepped up to be the deputy prime minister after Kevin Rudd had become prime minister and eventually gained more support as leader than Kevin and soon asked Kevin to hold a leadership ballot for the leadership of the labour party which when she was in the lead Kevin stepped down giving Julia Gillard prime minstrel status and leadership of the labour party. Tone This cartoon would be seen by many as condemning. This cartoon condemns Julia Gillard for what the public saw as her backstabbing and crushing Kevin Rudd. By making Julia Gillard look proud for what she has done, as shown in the cartoon as “killing off” Kevin Rudd, the cartoonist makes Julia Gillard look bad, even evil, for what she did. The cartoonist indicates strong disapproval for the acts of Julia Gillard, by over exaggerating how she

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