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Satire Essay

  • Submitted by: dancergirl623
  • on October 15, 2008
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Satire" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It has come to public attention that we are all disgustingly obeise. Public information, (including magazines, internet and celebrities) show that we are all fat and need to just stop eating all together for the good of society. Of course differeing sizes are not good for the world. Anything that is different from thin and beautiful is hideous and disgusting! How humans get let themselves get that giant in the first place is beyond public knowledge.

Of course there is always a way out htough. Fabulous fad diets stop hideous evil fat and even make it go away. Just stop eating! Fad diest tell you to stop eating carbs, Eat cabbage soup, or have only grape fruits. Now even though those learly give all the nutritional value you need to be thin and healthy, you still are piling all those foods with carbs that can add to your disgusting loads of fat. Other diets can say: eat whatever you want but as soon as you are finished your meal, go right to the bathroom and regurgitate it all back up. But really, who wants to do that. The best way to teach the fat who really is boss, is to stop feeding it all together. Without food, how can the fat monster grow to take voer your entire body?

Although, If you are jsut too fat with no will power at all then, society will not banish you and discriminate that much if you just take up a fabulous fad diet, other ones include: the subway diet, the lemonade diet, the water diet, and the slim fast smoothie diet, and the apple cider diet. Those diets include eating these foods and nothing else.

Since all celebrities and stars are thin and beautiful, we all want to be just like them. If that is our wish, we giant fat people, clearly have our wokr cut out for us. Of couse beinghalf a size too big for society is wrong on so many levels that banishing fat all together seems to be the only answer.

So, if you want to be beautiful, have people notice you, and be a thin happy fat free person, just loose all that weight. All it does...

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