Satellites Bases Services Essay

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SateLlites-based Services SateLlites-based Services Contents Services offered through satellites 2 Current applications 2 Telephone 2 Scientific Research 2 Television 2 Disaster Management 2 Digital cinema 3 Radio 3 Internet access 3 Military 3 Navigation 3 Issues and challenges 4 New paradigm for satellite design, prototyping and manufacturing 4 Terrestrial Blockage 5 Weather Blockage 5 New High Powered Platform 5 Critical Future Technologies 6 Benefits of Using satellite 6 Ubiquitous Coverage 6 Consistent Quality of Service (QoS) 7 Infrastructure Building 7 Cost Predictability 7 Scalability and Re-configurability 7 Temporary Network Solutions 7 Total Network Management 8 A Long-Term Solution for the Last Mile 8 Rapid Provisioning of New Services 8 Future applications 8 Frequency reuses application 8 Use of Spot Beam Concept and its applications 8 Other Applications 9 Satellite based coverage 9 Pricing 9 Conclusion 10 Services offered through satellites Some of the services provided by satellites are: * Fixed satellite service (FSS) * Broadcasting satellite service (BSS) * Mobile satellite services * Navigational satellite services * Meteorological satellite services Current applications Some of the current applications of the satellites will fall in the following zones: Telephone The first and historically most important application for communication satellites was in intercontinental satellites who are in space long distance telephony. Scientific Research Scientific research satellites gather data for scientific analysis. These satellites are usually designed to perform one of three kinds of missions. (1) Some gather information about the composition and effects of the space near Earth. They may be placed in any of various orbits, depending on the type of measurements they are to make.

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