Satans Music Essay

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Satan’s Music Since the beginning of heavy metal critics of the genre have accused all genres of metal of being satanic. While for the most part this accusation was completely false, but one genre emerged that validated this accusation and artist of this genre were proud of it too. This genre is filled with the occult, violence, references to Satan, and praises to Satan himself. In the early 1980s when metal was splintering into all different directions of genres, one genre called thrash metal was born; and it was from this that the sub genre of black metal was created. Early black metal, also known at the “first wave of black metal”, was almost identical to the thrash metal of the time except with one intense difference; extremely satanic references. The genre itself is classified by blazing fast tempos, shrieked and/or guttural vocals, heavily distorted guitars, and double-kick bass drums. Black metal got its name from the band that pioneered the genre, Venom. When Venom made their debut many people were scared of what they were because of how extreme they were. In an 2005 interview, for the documentary “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey”, Monte Conner, Senior Vice President of Roadrunner Records, stated “I remember for me personally, when I first heard Venom, it scared the shit out of me when I first heard it; I actually refused to buy those records because I was scared, I was literally scared that I was doing something wrong, because it was so extreme.” Venom’s first full length album “Black Metal” would define the early sound of the genre and would only get heavier over time. “Bloodlust” is one of the songs off of the “Black Metal” album. The song featuresvery harsh vocals for the time, distorted guitars, blazing solos, and occult lyrics. In the music video for

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