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original piece of writing, because nobody had ever written about Satan’s journey so intricately as Milton. To quote Isabel MacCaffrey, The voyage of Books II and III is Milton’s greatest original creation. There was precedent for the journey motif in epic tradition, but no real parallel to a voyage by Satan in the Christian literature on which Milton drew.(29) Unlike most epic heroes, Satan does not necessarily come out on top at the end of his journey/quest. This is where many are quick to judge and point out that since Satan losses, he can not be an epic hero. Milton intended for Satan to lose, after all, the epic is based on the Bible and is meant to justify the ways of God to man.(26) Milton was merely explaining that Satan both won and lost. He won in the hero sense by completing his task of corrupting Adam & Eve, which allowed Sin and Death to enter the world. But he lost in more ways than one. One of Milton’s central themes is that God knows what Garcia 6 Satan will do before he actually does it. This is where Milton’s poetic side and his religious side clash. It creates a hypocritical division because Milton wants to show that God is All-Knowing(Satan is just hunk of mass with no free will) and that Satan is our epic hero(Satan is head the rebel angels). Satan also loses because of the fact that 1)due to his trickery he would be a snake forever and 2)The Son was going to come down to earth and die to save Adam & Eve, so that Satan’s action would be eliminated. Break down Paradise Lost to it bare bones, removing all religious overtones, and you have yourself an epic poem, plain and simple. The hero of this poem is a man named Satan who is banished for challenging the leadership of the clan. This man Satan makes a vow to destroy or corrupt anything created by the clan. This Satan was resourceful, making the best of what he had, very little, and accomplishing

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