Sat2 Leadership Task 1 Essay

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I would describe my leadership style as participative. However, different situations may cause a person to use a different style to handle the situation based on the circumstances. Participatory leadership is also referred to as democratic because it involves all team members in the process of making decisions. A participative leader has the ability to make employees feel valued and have a purpose as well as increase morale and retention. In my current position as a Supervisor, I walked into an atmosphere where morale was at its lowest and the tension in the air could be cut with a knife. The supervisor before me, took more of a laissez faire approach and tried to be friends with everyone, but did not establish any rules. Since nobody had any sense of direction, the entire department was in utter chaos. I decided to conduct a group meeting to get to know everyone and to put an end to some of the rumors about being a drill sergeant and impossible to work for. This is where I showed how a participative leader, rather than an authoritarian leader, makes employees feel they have purpose and value because I included them in the process of implementing changes and decision-making. I started the meeting by making everyone feel comfortable by asking them about themselves and what tasks they performed the best on the job. I also asked what each person liked the least about the job. After discussing the likes and dislikes, I then asked for ideas on how we can continue to perform the tasks we enjoy and what we needed to do to get rid of or improve on. Most were not impressed by this because they said they had done this before and nothing ever changes. At that time, I told them, they had never worked with me before. One girl approached me after the meeting and stated that she was impressed that I said “with” instead of “for”. I still have the

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