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SAT Writing - Improving Paragraph The Improving Paragraphs section in the SAT writing consists of questions that test your ability to critique both the content and the sentence composition of a multi-paragraph passage. In the writing section of the SAT, there is one passage followed by 6 multiple choice questions of this type. Often, the paragraphs contain grammatical errors and incorrect sentence structure. The passage is also filled with errors of style, clarity, wordiness, and poor organization. Sometimes the passage is also a badly written paragraph or an essay overall. It's your job to find and fix the errors in the passage. SAT expects you to choose answers that follow the conventions and requirements of standard written English. Tips and Tricks for Improving Paragraphs: 1. This section is less than 10% of your entire score. Therefore, determine a reasonable amount of time that you would like to spend in this section. Read through the passage quickly. You will not be asked a question for every sentence. 2. Identify what the focal point or the central theme of the passage is. The language or sentences support the chief idea. This will help you with the context questions. 3. As compared to Identifying sentence errors questions Improving Paragraphs questions focus on an entire passage of writing, not just on one sentence. Therefore, Improving Paragraphs questions usually approach problems at the paragraph or sentence level, which means the big picture, is important. 4. Do not look at the answer choices first but rather come up with an answer as you read the question. The answer choices can be confusing and you might fall in the trap. 5. Go with a 'Simple' and 'Clear' answer. The intent of Improving Paragraphs is to test your ability to understand and present an idea with simplicity and clarity. This strategy will apply for correcting

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