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Should people make more of an effort to keep things private? Society builds on teamwork, strength, harmony and most importantly communication. Communication is key to a successful life and stable society. Therefore, people should make an effort to better communicate with peers rather than keep things private. One example would be a story in the Bible in where all humans gather to make the tallest tower in the world. During the process they are able to communicate with each other due to speaking one language. As the story continues, the people forget about God which in turn makes God angry. As a punishment, when all the humans are sleeping he casts a spell over them making them speak different languages which eventually leads them to abandon the tower they were building due to miscommunication. This story shows how openness and communication is vital to success. It counters the argument that things should be kept private. Another example would be the Recession. Banks would give out loans without checking the financial backgrounds of the people they were giving out loans without checking with higher authority which has led to a drastic fall in the stock market. The Recession has not only affected the United States but has affected stocks internationally. Countries such as Italy and England which have invested billions in the U.S stock markets have lost their value overnight. The dollar has lost some of its value due to inflation. This has all happened due to banks keeping loan records private. If they were to communicate, this Recession may have been avoided. Lastly, communication leads to a healthy environment. I was watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother and it relates to us how important communication in the family is. In one particular episode, due to keeping things private, the main character didn’t even realize that his parents were

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