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Rules For Life Buddha's Teaching The Jefferson Bible The Qur'an The Tao Te Ching Musashi's Five Rings It's Never Too Late A Fable Pearls of Wisdom Powell's Rules Simple Instructions for Life What You Should Know The Future of Civilization American Presidents Jefferson, Thomas Johnson, Lyndon Bains Kennedy, John F. Lincoln, Abraham Madison, James Washington, George Aviation/Aerospace Earhart, Amelia Wright, Orville Wright, Wilbur Authors Emerson, Ralph Waldo Hugo, Victor American Presidents' Wives Kennedy-Onassis, Jacqueline Roosevelt, Elenor Joyce, James Lawrence, T.E. Scott, Sir Walter Twain, Mark Historical Documents The Magna Carta—1216 The Declaration of Arbroath—1320 English Bill of Rights—1689 Declaration of Independence of the USA—1776 The Constitution of the USA—1786 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen—1789 The Gettysburg Address—1863 American Founding Fathers Adams, Samuel Franklin, Benjamin Jefferson, Thomas Madison, James Washington, George Civil-Rights Activists Dubois, W.E.B. King, Martin Luther Jr. Mott, Lucretia Composers & Musicians Bach, Johann Sebastian Beethoven Copland, Aaron Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Architects Wright, Frank Lloyd Important US Court Decisions Dred Scott v. Sandford—1856 Plessy v. Ferguson—1896 Brown v. Board of Educ.—1952 Jones v. Mayer Co.—1968 Roe v. Wade—1973 Jancik v. HUD—1995 Banai v. Sec., HUD—1997 Artists Amundsen, Richard Basquiat, Jean-Michel da Vinci, Leonardo Gauguin, Paul Manet, Edouard Matisse, Henri Michelangelo Monet, Claude Moran, Thomas Rachmaninoff, Sergei Wagner, Richard Entertainers Disney, Walt Henie, Sonja Laurel, Stan Monroe, Marilyn Rogers, Will Great Flying Machines USS Macon: The US Navy's last dirigible Motherwell, Robert Picasso, Pablo Rockwell, Norman Warhol, Andy Explorers & Frontiersmen Boone, Daniel Clark, William

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