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I believe that people all of over the world set higher standards for our public figures/celebrities, because we need somebody to look up to and to emulate their behavior. Human nature is to elevate certain individuals to positions of being our role models and leaders. Yet, we place people in positions of responsibility and power often times to end up disappointed in their human frailties. We want to believe that the people we set higher standards for will not let us down. We have to accept that the job that they do and their personal lives are separate. Sadly, that’s not always the case. President Clinton was one of our finest presidents. Under Clinton’s presidency, our economy thrived, other world leaders admired us providing good relationships with other countries, and the United States was the superpower. Everything seemed to be going in his favor, until he made a bad personal decision. He had an affair with an intern and lied to the American people and the Supreme Court. This cost him his outstanding reputation. All of a sudden, all eyes were no longer focused on his excellent presidency but rather on his betrayal to his family and the country. Within minutes, the tremendous job he accomplished was overshadowed by his lapse in judgment. No longer was the American public interested in his outstanding leadership. All eyes were turned toward his current debacle. He now had to defend himself and go through the process of impeachment and humiliation. This took time away from his daily responsibly and diminished him in the eyes of the world. Chances are if this happened in his first term, he would never have been re elected for a second term. While president Clinton is a fine, charismatic, cultured, and educated human being, he is in fact just a human being. Even though we set him up to be god-like in our eyes, it was a huge let down to us that he used

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