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LADIES & GENTLEMEN, Our guest speaker, Mr. John Smith, has for the past five years been editor of that popular newspaper, The Daily Clarion. He was born in Cumberland before the First World War. He was educated at St. Bees School before going up to St. John’s Cambridge, where he graduated with honours. His first post was that of junior reporter with the Yorkshire Post. From there he succeeded in getting a post on the Daily Mail and was on the editorial staff of that great newspaper when war broke out. During the hostilities he was a war correspondent and saw considerable action. When the war was over he returned to the editorial staff of the Daily Mail and stayed with that paper until twelve years ago when he took up an appointment as Assistant Editor of The Daily Clarion. Throughout his adult life Mr. Smith has been an enthusiastic motorist. Before the Second World War he was frequently to be seen on the track at Brooklands where he won many races. He has written books on motoring, particularly about his experiences as a rally driver. Rally driving is a sport to which he seems to have devoted practically all his spare time since the end of the Second World War. It is as a rally driver of distinction that our motoring organization welcomes him this evening. I am sure we are in for an entertaining time, which will too, be instructive. Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to call upon Mr. John Smith to speak to

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