Sarmago Chapter 4-6 Analysis on Controversial Issues

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Mari Angeli A. Guanzon Professor Carlos Lopez English 1302.52 18 February 2013 Blindness: Chapters 4 – 6 As a society that consists of human beings, we believe ourselves to be above animals. Saramago throughout his book repeatedly reminds us that we are animals primarily, and being human is secondary with the roles he has his characters play. It is only natural that in this way, one of the most basic laws of the animal kingdom applies to them (and us) as well. It is called survival of the fittest. One could see this test as an accumulation of all the trials a human has to face on a daily basis. Today, I will be covering three of these events which consist of sexual harassment, segregation, and stereotypes. The first issue that I will be tackling is sexual harassment. This is a huge issue in the book because “to put it simply, this woman could be classed as a prostitute” (Saramago 20). The quote, “The complexity in the web of social relationships, whether by day or night, vertical or horizontal, of the period here described cautions us to avoid a tendency to make hasty and definitive judgments, a mania which, owing to our exaggerated self-confidence, we shall perhaps never be rid of” foreshadows that maybe in the near future, this character, (the lady with the sunglasses), would be at the receiving end of said “social relationships” in which she will be judged (Saramago 21). This suspicion is later confirmed when the car thief became “aroused by the perfume she exuded and by the memory of his recent erection” and decides that he should take it upon himself to take what he wanted (Saramago 45). His action is clearly considered to be sexual harassment because when she “wriggled to shake him off” she could not because he was “grabbing her firmly” (Saramago 46). This is a controversial issue because of the fact that she’s a prostitute. When someone of her

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