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SARAJEVO Introduction Sarajevo is the capital, and also the largest city of Bosnia an Herzegovina. It is its administrative, economic, cultural, educational and sport center. It is also the capital of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity. East Sarajevo is de jure capital of Republika Srpska entity. Sarajevo is located in the Sarajevo valley of Bosnia proper. It is surrounded by mountains Bjelašnica and Igman from the Southwest, by Trebević from the Southeast, middle-range mountains and inter-valley headlands (capes) on the North and Northwest. Average height above sea level of Sarajevo plain is 500 m. The city of Sarajevo consists of four municipalities: Centar, Novi Grad, Novo Sarajevo and Stari Grad. Population of Sarajevo is about 305 242 people. I will focus on architecture of Sarajevo through history. I will mention some of the most important buildings and historic and also religious monuments in Sarajevo. Architecture of Sarajevo Architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina is largely influenced by four major periods. Those were: Medieval period, Ottoman period, Austro-Hungarian period and Communist period. Ancient Times Sarajevo region has been inhabited by humans since the Neolithic age. Archeologists can safely say that because of many remnants of Neolithic settlements. The most famous example in Sarajevo area is Butmir culture. The discoveries of Butmir were made in 1893 by Austro-Hungarian authorities. This area is rich with flint, and it was no doubt very attractive to Neolithic man. There was found very unique ceramics and pottery designs which identified Butmir Culture as a unique culture. The next prominent inhabitants of Sarajevo were Illyrians. Their settlements in this region were mostly around the river Miljacka and Sarajevo valley. The Illyrians were war-like people. They even resisted the Romans. In 9 A.D. the Roman emperor

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