Sarah's Long Walk Reflection

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Sarah's Long Walk Reflection by Adreanna I found so many points of interest in Sarah's Long Walk by Stephen and Paul Kendrick. It was difficult to decide on just one. I have the philosophy that all people are created equal and with that said deserve the same opportunities in life and especially education. As with many of the people mentioned in this book, I agree that , “ without diversity that many groups bring to a school, the whole system of public schools suffers.”(pg 166) In education as in life every individual has a unique contribution to make. As educators, we are influential in the development and outcome , of bringing each individuals unique talents and knowledge forth, without bias. One of the most detrimental effects on education was segregation, and discrimination of innocent youth. As with people with disabilities, “colored” or blacks were looked down upon. As Sumner asserted ,”that segregation gave all blacks a “peculiar brand”, a clear and lasting “stigma” that deprives them of these helpful animating influences.... It widens their separation from the rest of the community and postpones the great day of reconciliation which is sure to come!” (pg 166). While whites were getting the best education possible, the “lower class” blacks were being taught under poor circumstances, with inferior materials. This placed invisible barriers in all facets of life for the black community, which in turn caused some to become complacent, just accepting what was without question. Times needed to change for the benefit of black youth the most. William Lloyd Garrison thought along similar lines. “That lifting up the standard of freedom in the eyes of the nation, within the sight of Bunker Hill and the birthplace of liberty” ,(pg 43). At the time a lot of what
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